Refugee situation grows as countries close borders

SANTA MONICA – You scurry around the room, grabbing anything you think you can’t live without. You shove it into a bag, a suitcase, whatever you have that will carry your belongings. You close the luggage and grab it as you yell that it is time to go. You and your family leave your home, forsaking everything inside the building before heading out into the world. You don’t have a plan; you don’t know where you are going. You just know you have to go and leave everything you know, hoping to find help along the way.

A group of Syrian refugees who crossed the Evros river to the city of Didymoteicho, Greece. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

With several countries at odds within their own borders, citizens are fleeing for a place of peace and sanctuary, causing refugees to become one of the top topics that go beyond the borders of any one country. Citizens of Syria have fled from their country seeking shelter in whatever countries will take them. While countries all across Europe filling up with refugees, the USA keeps its borders tightly sealed only allowing 11 refugees into its borders so far in 2018, according to NPR reports.

The refugee crisis continues to grow as the Syrian war continues to force millions to flee for their own safety while citizens of Afghanistan and South Sudan run from the ever growing violence problem growing in their own borders. Between the three countries, World Vision reports over 10.7 million refugees are seeking shelter away from the growing problems in their countries, yet with every passing day, more and more people are turned away by countries across the world.

Since 2014, the migration route has seen more than 15,000 death from attempting to cross the Mediterranean with already more than 500 dead or missing in 2018, and while people are fleeing for their lives, vessels are seeking overpriced voyage for a tiny, confined amount of space, knowing wherever they go they may be denied entry into the country.

Syrian refugee Zamilla Ammal (R), 39, and four of her seven children walk towards the village of Pythio, Greece. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

Dangers from human traffickers and natural terrain are an ever present problem in their journey, but some how the world they are leaving presents a greater danger. Despite the decrease in media attention in the US, the refuge problem continues to exist in a very crucial way with hundreds of people displaced daily. However, saving these people from their situation is growing harder and harder as the NY times reported the crew of Proactiva Open Arms to be under investigation for human trafficking with their boat impounded for rescuing 218 refugees.

While limited resources are a concern for many countries, how long can the world turn a blind eye to the situation of refugees growing daily? How many more will die before someone begins to tackle the issue instead of discussing it behind closed doors? While organizations every where are ready to help relocate and settle refugees, governments are closing borders to their cry for help. How long will the discussion remain as closed as the borders before someone helps the people die daily simply for seeking sanctuary from the terrors at home?

Photos courtesy of Reuters.