England Prime Minister threatens to boycott Russian World Cup

SANTA MONICA — With ever growing tension between Britain and Russia, Britains appearance in the World Cup is stirring whispers and debates. While no reports have been officially made yet, notable tabloid Daily Mail published an article titled “How can we go to Putin’s World Cup now?” while the government threatened to boycott the event.

Tension between the two countries mounted after a former Russian double agent, revealed to be Sergei V. Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, were found unresponsive on a bench in Salisbury Park in March. Nearly a week later British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed they had been dosed with Novichok, a lethal nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union, accusing Russia for their sickness and critical states for irresponsibility with toxin. Russia denied any association. However, the disagreement has only escalated since the discovery.

The poisoning has moved from a small dispute to an international crisis as a number of countries chose sides. According to the NY Times, the United States and 23 other countries have chosen to stand behind Britain in the matter, going to the point of expelling a number of Russian diplomats in retaliation over the situation.

As of right now, the England National Team is set to appear in the World Cup with no plans to withdraw. Should England choose to follow through with its threats to boycott, the World Cup might lose one of its biggest sponsors, Adidas. However the Chief Executive of Adidas stated Wednesday, May 30, that it stood by its sponsorship of this year’s World Cup and remains determined to see their official ball and team jerseys on TV screens around the world.

Prime Minister May is expected to reveal to legislation how her government will retaliate for it’s alleged part in the poisoning. 

The Skripals remain in critical condition. Court orders were given to allow investigators to draw blood samples from both victims for testing in effort to help the two recover, but the results showed little to no home that either Skripal or his daughter would recover.

Feature photo courtesy of Forsans New’s Instagram. In post photos courtesy of Melissa Bell’s Instagram and the BHAF Way’s Instagram.