Trump withdraws from 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal

SANTA MONICA – No one can say President Donald Trump didn’t follow through on his 2015 campaign promises, announcing on Tuesday, May 8, that the US would withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, its a toss-up of whether it was the right decision or not.

The Treaty was a landmark agreement between Iran and the world powers — France, England, USA, China and Russia — along with Germany, created back in 2015 to restrict Iran’s nuclear program. In return, the world powers would lift the international sanctions placed on Iran that were crippling its economy. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action took two years of grueling back-and-forth discussions during Barrack Obama’s second term, eventually leading to its signing in 2015 for a 10-year agreement as long as both sides complied to the terms of agreement.

An unknown amount of tension has rose between Europe and the US after President Trump decided to pull out of the deal with Iran. Prior to Trump’s decision to withdraw, many European leaders lobbied him to stay in the deal and proposed amendments to the current agreement to fix the “horrible one-sided deal.”

The EU released a statement on Tuesday night, following Mr. Trump’s announcement, reprimanding the president for the decision and claiming his power to scrap the agreement alone was none existent.

Meanwhile, Israel is celebrating the presidents decision to pull out from the treaty, calling the US leader, “courageous” in his decision.  Regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that “rather than block Iran’s path to a bomb, the Deal actually paves Iran’s path to an actual arsenal.”  However, Iran still plans to comply with the original agreement, according to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

President Trump now must decide how to move forward with sanctions on Iran, or if he will consider proposing amending the deal before violating the deal’s terms that state as long as Iran complies sanctions must remain lifted.

Cover photo courtesy of White House news release. Photos and video courtesy of President Netanyahu and the White House Twitter pages.