Hunter Biden

According to the New York Post: At least Hunter Biden now admits that the emails, pictures and documents are his. That’s progress. It used to be that...


Movie Review

The first bite at Morihiro tends to be a creamy, bite-size piece of homemade tofu, an awfully quiet start at a luxurious sushi restaurant, but one that’s startlingly rich and unexpectedly satisfying. Pay attention and you might notice the rice mill in the dining room — it’s where Morihiro Onodera, a chef and potter who made many of the ceramics in the restaurant’s collection, and a star in the Los Angeles sushi scene, spends each morning polishing the rice he imports from Japan. If you’re lucky enough to sit at the counter, you’ll be able to measure the evening in clusters of that warm rice as they move through his hands, one by one, tinting with vinegar before they’re finished with transcendent shivers of fish.

Book Review

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Cassidy Hutchinson speaks about Jan. 6th!

Yesterday, Cassidy Hutchinson, the former White House aide to Mark Meadows spoke with Rachel Maddow on her nightly MSNBC show.  In her new book, Hutchinson spoke out against former President Donald J. Trump stating that he was a threat to democracy.

Chaos at the USA and Mexican boder

Immigrants continue to flood into the United States from all countries south of the USA border.  For the most part, the immigrants seem to be escaping lawless governments that are unable to protect their citizens from gangs, murder, rape, and modern-day slavery.  The United States government is currently unprepared to handle the influx of legal and illegal migration.

President Biden Travels to Michigan

President Biden travelled to Michigan earlier today to meet with UAW members who are on strike for a second week.  Biden hopes to gain support from the mostly blue-collar workers in the upcoming election.